Our Guarantee

Minimize Your Risk

We are confident in our ability to help you produce meaningful improved results.  So we’ve taken two measures to make it easier to get started with minimum concern over lost resources or a potential lack of compatibility.

1 – Our engagements work in Phases.  Phase 1 offers an opportunity to sample the service with a small investment while gaining benefit and reinforcing the fit.

2 – Phase 2 includes our Comfort Guarantee

Simply stated: If you’re not comfortable, we work for free.

Coaching Guarantee IconOur Promise

If for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with the quality or effectiveness of our development processes, simply contact us at any time within the first month our our engagement and tell us why. We’ll either make things right or we’ll happily offer a refund less material costs.

Client Conditions

  1. Comply with the agreed upon payment terms.
  2. Commit fully to the process by doing all assigned work and patiently allowing it to work.

If after one month/or four conferences, you don’t feel you can significantly improve your results by continuing, we discus why. If we can’t resolve your issues, we provide a refund less predetermined material costs.

Our Track Record

We are proud to report that over more than 19 years, we have yet to have a client request a refund.