Career Direction Coaching

Defining Career Success

Talent is a terrible thing to waste.  Especially when that talent is yours!

How can you leverage your talent in a way that both feeds your family and feeds your soul?

We’re here to help you to answer this question.  We’ve developed a proven process to help people in career transition to discover and articulate their ideal next career step.
“If you don’t know where you’re going any road will take you there.” – Lewis Carrol

Hiring decision makers are looking for the best possible fit for both their job and their culture.  How do you effectively strike a chord with those decision makers?  You must have clarity about the best possible match for your for your talent, passions and sweet-spot skills.  You need to believe in your ability and confidently articulate your value to the organization.

Career CompassThe Challenge

Most of us struggle when trying to articulate our own talent and abilities. We’re unable to express the value we bring to a job. And where we fit and don’t fit.  We naturally lack the perspective to see ourselves as others see us. We use a proven process to help clients to gain a clear understanding of their answer to a variation of a question typically asked by Real Estate developers:

What is the best and highest use of this talent?

We believe that the job search numbers game should be more about quality than quantity.  So we arm you with an enhanced understanding of your behavioral style, your inherent skills and your values and interests, to more effectively target and pursue quality opportunities that fit your talent and interests.
“You cannot make it as a wandering generality.  You must become a meaningful specific.”  – Zig Ziglar

How We Help

We are experts in:
  • Assessing your howwhat and why of your approach to your work
  • Applying that insight to articulate your value proposition and
  • Helping you determine where your talent has the most value.

Career Direction Coaching Overview

We begin with state-of-the-art, multi-science, talent assessment tools that we use in a collaborative, facilitated coaching process.  While you will receive a detailed talent and coaching report, our most important deliverable is a crystallized Career Objective or Executive Summary statement for your resume that articulates your ideal job and your value proposition to your targeted hiring decision makers.  You are then armed with new-found clarityself-awareness and confidence. This new mindset makes it easier to develop bullet points to support your unique value proposition both on paper and in person when networking and interviewing. You will more effectively pursue opportunities that match the value proposition of  your unique talent with rewarding opportunities that will but it to  best put that talent to use.

Career Direction Coaching Deliverables

Talent Assessment ReportA list of the tangible and intangible takeaways from this proven process.
  • 70 page TriMetrix™ Coaching Report
  • Four – 90 minute Debriefing Sessions to bring the content to life and enhance your own brand awareness
  • A Clearly Crafted Career Objective / Executive Summary paragraph for the top of your resume that summarizes your unique value proposition
  • Validation of your talent and skills
  • Enhanced clarity and confidence to more effectively identify, pursue, network and interview for your the job that best fits your talent.